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ധന്വന്തരി ക്ഷേത്രം

Sree Dhanwanthari Temple, Thottuva
The idol of Thottuva Sree Dhanwantahri Temple was laid by Parasurama 5000 years' ago as per the legend. Lord Dhanwanthari is the Lord Of Ayurveda-the herbal medical science. In this temple the devotees who pray with complete faith used to get the desired results.It is customary to bathe in the canal(thodu) near the river before offering prayers. Dasavatharam (10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu) chandanam charthal (applying sandal paste to make a form on the idol of Dhanwanthari) in the Mid-December ( Dhanu 1 - 11). The oil given to devotees after the abhishekam (washing the idol of Dhanwanthari) Every month (Thiruvonam), there used to be a feast ( prasadam oottu) for the devotees. On that day Palpayasam (milk pudding) is offered by some devotees (with pregnancy problems) to conceive child. Those with skin disease offer yam and salt and get cured.  Fresh un-boiled milk is offered here, the important offering is butter.   
Upadevathas are Ayyappan, Ganapathy, Bhadrakali and Rakshas.

Contact Address

Thottuva Sree Dhanwanthari  Moorthi Seva Trust,
Koovapady P.O. Thottuva - 683 544, Ernakulam District
Telephone Number - +91 484 2641485
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