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സുകൃത ഹോമം

Sukrutha Homam is specifically suitable for: Health Purpose, Protection from Evils and Enemies, Childbirth, Children Health Purposes.
Sukrutha Homam is considered to be the purest among all the Homa. This homa also known as sukritha homa all sins that has done during Janmam and proova Janmam will be vanished and we will become fresh as a new born baby. By worshipping Sri Gayathri Devi , we get self confidence, thejas and betterment of health etc. Our life will be fully covered with joy and peace. Perform this great Gayathri Homa and get the complete blessings of Sri Gayathri Devi. This homa is helping us to have positive relationships with our family and society, and it assists us in reaching high goals.
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